Introduction to the 318 Invisible Front, Hand Tied by WIGPRO

Experience the ultimate in lightweight comfort and style with the 318 Invisible Front, Hand Tied hairpiece by WIGPRO. This stylish addition to your beauty arsenal is not just a statement of elegance; it is also a hallmark of convenience and quality. The light-as-air construction features razored edges that are not only on-trend but also exude a sense of modern flair. Crafted with synthetic hair fibers, this hairpiece offers the perfect blend of pre-styled readiness and the natural look and feel you desire.

Features of the 318 Invisible Front Hair Piece

The 318 Invisible Front comes chock-full of features that make it a standout choice for anyone looking to enhance their hair game:

  • Cap Size: This hairpiece is designed with an average cap size to ensure a snug, comfortable fit for most head shapes.
  • Cap Construction: Boasting a machine tied construction, this hairpiece promises a secure and realistic appearance.
  • Dimensions: With an approximate front length of 3.5 inches, a side length of 3.5 inches, and a nape length of 3 inches, it suits various styles and preferences.
  • Weight: Its light weight adds to the comfort and natural feel of wearing this hairpiece.

Benefits of Choosing Human Hair by WIGPRO

When you select a human hair piece by WIGPRO, you're not just enhancing your look – you're investing in quality and versatility:

  • Natural Appearance: Human hair offers the most natural look, moving fluidly and matching the texture of biological hair.
  • Durability: With proper care, these hairpieces can outlast synthetic alternatives, making them a wise long-term investment.
  • Styling Versatility: Human hair allows for greater versatility in styling. You can curl, straighten, and even dye it to match your desired look.
  • Comfort: Known for their breathable and comfortable cap construction, WIGPRO ensures that wearing their hairpieces is as comfortable as it is stylish.

Potential Uses and Styling Options

The 318 Invisible Front hairpiece caters to diverse styling needs, whether you're looking to add volume, cover thinning areas, or completely transform your look for a special occasion. It seamlessly blends with your natural hair, making it an impeccable choice for:

  • Everyday wear, elevating your professional or casual looks with ease.
  • Special events where you wish to make a statement with a chic, modern hairstyle.
  • Those with hair thinning or hair loss who seek a natural and undetectable hair solution.

Embrace the confidence that comes with a full, natural-looking head of hair, and explore the array of styling possibilities that the 318 Invisible Front offers.

Shop the 318 Invisible Front, Hand Tied by WIGPRO Today

Upgrade your style with the exquisite 318 Invisible Front, Hand Tied hairpiece by WIGPRO. A marvel of design and functionality, it sets the benchmark for high-quality hair solutions. Feel the difference in your everyday look and enjoy the compliments that come with it. For your next hair investment, trust WIGPRO's commitment to excellence and visit to purchase your human hair piece today.

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June 17, 2024 — MyHairMail Team