Founded by Angela Holley, MyHairMail LLC is leading a digital revolution in the hair shopping experience for women, leveraging innovative technologies to enhance customer satisfaction and engagement. Our platform introduces the groundbreaking Wig Genie℠ chatbot for personalized shopping assistance and a diverse digital catalog enriched with the latest in wig technology and styles.

We're taking empowerment a step further with our Auction Listing Service, a unique feature allowing women to monetize their pre-loved wigs in a secure and user-friendly online environment. This service not only promotes sustainability but also offers our customers the chance to refresh their styles affordably.

MyHairMail is committed to enhancing the way women discover and purchase hair products. With a focus on user-friendly design and unparalleled product insights. MyHairMail empowers women to make informed, confident choices about their hair. This dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction is transforming the hair retail industry, leading to our guiding principle: Changing The Way You Buy Hair™.