Miss Macchiato by Belle Tress

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Miss Macchiato by Belle Tress reimagines the classic bob with a contemporary flair. This chic, playful cut boasts curl-tipped ends and striking brow-length bangs, offering versatility with side-swept or straight styling options. Perfect for those seeking a lively side lob, Miss Macchiato captures the essence of vintage mod with a modern twist.

Style Discontinued

Key Features:

  • Color Presentation: Showcased in the dynamic Chrome shade.
  • Innovative Design: Features a creative lace front for a natural-looking hairline.
  • Flexible Styling: Made with heat-friendly fibers, allowing for personalized styling.
  • Fashion-Forward Cut: A short, flirty silhouette with eye-catching curl-tipped ends and versatile bangs.
  • Lightweight Comfort: Weighs just 3.5 oz for effortless wear.
  • Universal Fit: Designed with an average cap size to accommodate most head sizes.

Embrace a touch of retro glamour with the stylish and versatile Miss Macchiato, a perfect blend of classic charm and modern sophistication.

Colors: Belle Tress Guide