Amber Rock by Belle Tress

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Amber Rock by Belle Tress is inspired by the purest form of sugar, reminiscent of the natural sweetness derived from Belgian sugar beets. Just as amber rock sugar enhances your tea without altering its essence, this wig promises to sweeten your style repertoire without the commitment of a perm. Ideal for those who dream of experimenting with crimped hair, Amber Rock offers a chance to embrace that texture and volume, adding a delightful twist to your look.

Explore the Color Spectrum: Belle Tress Color Guide

Available Shades: From the sun-kissed Bombshell Blonde to the indulgent Tres Leches Blonde and more.

Featured Color: Butterbeer Blonde

Key Highlights:

  • Extended Creative Lace Front: For a seamless, natural-looking hairline.
  • Fiber Type: Heat Friendly, allowing for flexible styling.
  • Part: Left side for a modern flair.
  • Measurements:
    • Side: 11.5"-13"
    • Nape: 7"
    • Overall Length: 11.5"-13"
  • Weight: 5.4 oz, for a balanced and comfortable fit.
  • Cap Size: Average, fitting a wide range of head sizes comfortably.

Amber Rock by Belle Tress is more than just a wig; it's a sweet addition to your hair collection, perfect for anyone looking to effortlessly incorporate texture and volume into their everyday style