Beach Wave Magic Wig by Tressallure

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Beach Wave Magic by TressAllure

Welcome to the future of wigs with our Beachy Waves style – where lightweight comfort meets effortless glamour. This Beach Wave Magic wig by TressAllure offers you the dreamy, light waves that embody the spirit of the beach, with hair so airy it flows with your every move. The feather-light bangs are crafted from silky, Fabulous Realistic synthetic fiber, providing a look that's both natural and easy to style.

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The meticulously hand-knotted top and hairline are designed to be completely undetectable, allowing for versatile parting and a seamless blend with your scalp. This innovation in wig design uses Style-Able Realistic synthetic fiber, which is 40% lighter than traditional synthetic materials, offering unparalleled comfort and ease of wear.

Key Features:

  • Fiber: Style-Able Realistic synthetic, offering the appearance and texture of fine human hair.
  • Weight: An incredibly light 4 oz, for all-day comfort.
  • Hair Length: Versatile lengths from 6 to 16 inches, allowing for multiple styling options.
  • Fringe: A generous 10-inch fringe for a soft, face-framing effect.
  • Cap Construction: Features an open wefted back for breathability, a lace front for a natural hairline, and a monofilament top for multi-directional parting.
  • Heat Friendly: Yes, withstands heat up to 320°F (160°C), enabling straightening or curling as desired.
  • Cap Size: Average (21.5" - 23"), fitting a wide range of head sizes.
  • Color Shown: 24/102/R12, a blend that offers natural depth and highlights.

New Color Descriptions:

Color Guide: TressAllure New Color Guide

Euro-Lite (EL) Colors are a series of 3 shaded tones blended together with bright highlights at the front of the wig and reducing on the sides and crown, and increasing slightly at the very back of the wig.  The colors are both vibrant, warm and spectacular.  

  • EL 27/25/88    A blend of light auburn and gold blonde and platinum gold highlights.

  • EL 12/22/R8 A blend of light golden brown with gold blonde highlights rooted medium brown. 

  • EL 14/26/R10  Warm red brunette blended with cool gold blonde, highlighted with gold blonde rooted medium brown.

Say farewell to the days of heavy, cumbersome wigs and embrace a new era where style meets comfort. Our Beachy Waves wig is not just a hairpiece; it's a revolution in wig technology, designed to make you look and feel fabulous without any of the hassle.