Brooklyn by Estetica Designs

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Monofilament Top with Lace Front | Brooklyn is a loose, wavy, mid-length bob that looks and feels wonderfully natural. Her lace front creates the most natural hairline, while her monofilament top allows the hair to move freely in any direction.

MONO TOP WITH LACE FRONT | Shoulder Length Style with Long Layers & Loose Waves |BANG - 9.75", SIDE - 10", CROWN - 13.5", NAPE - 6.75" | Weight 4.66oz |

Available Colors:

R2/4, R4/6, R4/8, R6/10, R8/12, R30/28/26, R6/28F, R14/8H, R8/26H, R12/26CH, R14/26H, RH1488, CARAMELKISS, CKISSRT4, RH1488RT8, RH12/26RT4