Caliente by Belle Tress

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Caliente stands as a bold innovation within the Belle Tress Café Collection, blending a deconstructed wave with the sleekness of an A-line bob. This style is defined by its full lace front that ensures a seamless hairline, alongside a left lace part and a unique knotting technique that allows for versatile styling away from the face. The dynamic cut features slightly longer lengths at the front and shorter, blunt cuts at the back, offering an edgy yet sophisticated look. Caliente is indeed the pinnacle of modern style in the Café Collection by Belle Tress.

Key Highlights:

  • Featured Color: Honey with Chai Latte
  • Innovative Features: Creative Lace Front for a flawless hairline and versatile styling
  • Fiber: Heat-Friendly, allowing for easy customization
  • Styling Flexibility: Left parting for a natural look
  • Dimensions: Side lengths of 7"-12.5" and a nape of 5", offering a chic, balanced silhouette
  • Lightweight Wear: Weighing in at just 4.4 oz for all-day comfort
  • Cap Size: Designed to fit most with an average size

Caliente is more than just a wig; it's a statement piece that captures the essence of contemporary fashion, making it a must-have for those looking to add a touch of heat to their hairstyle repertoire.

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