Califia by Belle Tress

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Califia by Belle Tress stands out with its distinctive, blunt-cut beachy wave bob, a style that sets a new standard for precision and uniqueness. Unlike any other beach wave design, Califia features a meticulously crafted cut at the bottom, showcasing a level of detail that elevates this style above the rest. Celebrated for its luxurious BelleTress fiber—renowned worldwide for its quality—the wig also boasts a transparent yet robust lace front and a superior knotting technique, establishing Califia as the unrivaled monarch of beachy wave bobs.

Key Features:

  • Color Highlight: Butterbeer Blonde
  • Innovative Design: Creative Lace Front for a seamless hairline
  • Fiber: Heat-Friendly, allowing for versatile styling
  • Styling Flexibility: Left part for varied styling options
  • Dimensions: Side length of 11" and a nape of 4", offering a chic, edgy look
  • Lightweight: Weighs 4.1 oz for comfortable wear
  • Cap Size: Average, fitting a wide range of head sizes

Califia is not just a wig but a statement piece, blending the best of style, comfort, and innovation to crown you with unmatched elegance.

Colors: Belle Tress Guide