Celine by Belle Tress

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Elevate your style with Celine from Belle Tress. This sophisticated wig of the LUX Collection, inspired by Hollywood icons, features soft barrel curls and high-quality heat-friendly fibers. With a generous 18" length, you'll have the freedom to create versatile looks. The extended lace front seamlessly allows you to tuck your hair behind your ears for a natural appearance. Choose from a stunning array of 12 luxurious LUX Collection Colors, including the captivating Ginger Ale Blonde, to captivate all eyes.

Oyster Gray - ETA 5/10/24

Key Features:

  • All Hand-Tied Lace Front for a realistic hairline
  • Part: Center for easy styling
  • Bangs: No
  • Side Bangs: No
  • Side Length: 18"
  • Nape Length: 10"
  • Overall Length: 18"
  • Weight: 5.6 oz
  • Cap Size: Average

Experience the allure of Celine, the embodiment of timeless glamour.

Colors: Belle Tress Color Guide

    Color Shown: Ginger Ale Blonde

    Unveil your inner star with Caroline, the epitome of timeless elegance. Item Number: LX-5010

    Burnt Biscuit Blonde-R, Chocolate Buttercream-R, Cool Champagne Blonde, Ginger Ale Blonde, Hazelnut Syrup, Oyster, Pumpkin Pie Spice-R, Rich Chocolate Brown-R, Shaken Oatmilk Blonde-R, Sunkissed Almond-R, Sunset Blonde, Toasted Walnut-R