Counter Culture by Belle Tress

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Counter Culture by Belle Tress is the epitome of cutting-edge style combined with unparalleled comfort. Its meticulously hand-tied lace front stretches from temple to temple, offering versatile styling options that look effortlessly natural. The expansive partial monofilament adds a touch of realism with its soft, lifelike appearance. Revel in the contemporary blend of gentle curls and waves, all while enjoying the premium silky fiber and the breathable open cap construction designed for secure wear.

Key Highlights:

  • Featured Color: BrownSugar SweetCream.
  • Innovative Design: Features a temple-to-temple creative lace front for natural-looking, off-the-face styling options.
  • Material: Made with heat-friendly fibers, allowing for flexible styling.
  • Styling Options: A left part enhances the natural look of the hairline.
  • Bangs: Yes, adding a touch of flair and framing the face beautifully.
  • Dimensions: Sides are 12"-16", the nape is 13.5", with an overall length of 12"-20.5", offering a dynamic and voluminous look.
  • Comfort and Fit: Weighing 6.6 oz with an average cap size, it ensures a comfortable fit for everyday wear.

Counter Culture brings a modern twist to classic styles, perfect for those who desire a statement look without compromising on comfort.