Forever Chic by Gabor

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By Gabor


Always and forever chic. This sophisticated and sleek style is an instant hit and sits at a sweet spot falling right at the clavicle. With razor cut tapering and blunt ends, the soft movement is ready to keep up with your on-the-go lifestyle. A fully hand-tied top provides parting options and an extended lace that goes from ear to ear lets you style forward, behind the ears or off of the face. You just found your forever favorite.

Colors: Gabor Color Guide

Temple-To-Temple Sheer Lace Front
Hand-tied Top

Cap Size: Average

Front: 11½”

Crown: 13”

Sides: 9½”

Back: 10½”

Nape: 4”

Weight: 4.4 oz

Colors Shown: GL4-8 | GL23-101SS | GL8-29