Fortune by Gabor

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By Gabor


Fortune Wig by Gabor: Elegance in Curls

Fortune by Gabor is a beautifully balanced wig featuring all-over curled layers that hit the sweet spot in length. Designed with a focus on lightness and luxury, it boasts a hand-tied top for a natural appearance and comfortable wear.

Key Features:

  • Sheer 1 ½” Deep Lace Front: Offers a low-density, natural-looking hairline for versatile styling.
  • Hand-Tied Top: Creates the illusion of natural hair growth and allows for parting versatility.
  • Velvet-Lined Ear Tabs & Extended Nape: Ensures comfort and a secure fit throughout the day.
  • Ultra-Thin Adjusters at the Nape: Allow for a personalized fit, enhancing the wig's comfort and security.
  • Gabor Plus Colors: A range of multi-dimensional shades that mimic natural hair coloring.

Product Specifications:

  • Cap Size: Average, accommodating a variety of head sizes.
  • Measurements: Front: 4½”, Crown: 4”, Sides: 4”, Back: 3½”, Nape: 4”.
  • Color Highlight: G13 Cappuccino Mist, showcasing the wig in a rich, dimensional color.

Fortune by Gabor is the epitome of sophistication and ease, offering a timeless look with its perfectly curled layers. Whether you're seeking a change or a new staple for your collection, this wig provides both the style and comfort you desire.

Colors: Gabor Color Guide