Petite Coby by Estetica Designs

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Monofilament Top with Machine Made Back | With her simple layers, soft bangs and tapered nape, Petite Coby is the quintessential pixie. Featuring a petite cap, you can now have the ultimate charming, chic style in the smaller size you need.

MONO TOP WITH MACHINE MADE BACK | Short Pixie with Tapered Nape |BANG - 3.25", SIDE - 1.75", CROWN - 3", NAPE - 1.75" | Weight 1.69oz |

Available Colors:

R1B, R2/4, R4/6, R4/8, R6/10, R8/12, R16/22, R14/24, R18/22, R14/8H, R12/26H, R8/26H, R12/26CH, R14/26H, RH1488, CARAMELKISS, R38, R44, R51, R56T, R51LF60, R56/60, R60