Petite Nancy by Estetica Designs

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Pure Stretch Cap® | Truly one of our best selling petite sized wigs, Petite Nancy is the ultimate chic style. Razored layers and short wispy bangs give this straight cut pixie everything you need for a salon ready look in seconds.

PURE STRETCH CAP¨ | Short Pixie with Tapered Nape | BANG - 1.5", SIDE - 1.5", CROWN - 2.5", NAPE - 1.5" | Weight 1.94oz |

Available Colors:

R1B, R2/4, R4/6, R4/8, R6/10, R8/12, R10/14, R12/14, R24/18BT, R20F, RT613/27, R16/22, R14/24, R18/22, R17/101, R22/102, R101, RH31, R30/28/26, R8/30, R6/28F, R6LF29, R14/8H, R12/26H, R8/26H, R12/26CH, HONEYTOAST, R14/26H, RH1488, CARAMELKISS, R8LF14, R34, R37, R38, R44, R51, R56, R56T, R344LF58, R51LF60, R59T, ICEDGRAY, R60, H1488RT8, RH12/26RT4, CHROMERT1B