Secret by Belle Tress

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Introducing "The Secret" from Belle Tress, the epitome of the perfect bob that embodies readiness, professionalism, and elegance. This wig is our top secret for being impeccably styled for any occasion, whether it's a day at the office or an elegant evening event. Featuring a partial monofilament and an extended lace front, "The Secret" is crafted from the luxurious HF Belle Tress fiber, known for its quality and versatility.

This medium-length bob is modernized with subtle layers and a gentle under-curl, offering a contemporary twist on a classic style. Inspired by the TWG Secret Tea, a blend that intrigues with its mysterious fire-blossoms, fruit, and nut flavors, this wig is part of the Café Collection, designed to arouse curiosity and sophistication.

Key Features:

  • Color Showcase: Honey with Chai Latte, a shade that radiates warmth and versatility.
  • Innovative Design: Features an extended creative lace front for a seamless, natural-looking hairline.
  • Premium Fiber: Heat-friendly fiber allows for styling flexibility.
  • Chic Style: A perfect medium-length bob with modern layers and an under-curl.
  • Lightweight Comfort: Weighs 4.5 oz for a comfortable fit throughout the day.
  • Universal Fit: Designed with an average cap size to accommodate most head sizes.

"The Secret" is more than just a wig; it's a lifestyle choice for those who value sophistication and readiness in their daily lives.

Colors: Belle Tress Guide