Soft & Subtle by Gabor

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By Gabor


"Soft & Subtle" by Gabor captures the essence of modern chic with its casually styled tumbled waves in a sleek blunt bob. This versatile cut is universally flattering, offering a fresh and stylized look that's effortlessly elegant.

Key Features:

  • Sheer Lace Front: A 1½” temple-to-temple lace front ensures a natural-looking hairline with low density.
  • Monofilament Part: For the appearance of natural hair growth and versatile styling options.
  • Velvet-Lined Ear Tabs and Extended Nape: Provides superior comfort and a secure fit.
  • Ultra-Thin Adjusters at the Nape: Allow for a personalized fit, enhancing the overall comfort.
  • Gabor Luminous Colors: A range of multi-dimensional shades for the perfect match.


  • Cap Size: Available in Petite/Average and Average/Large to accommodate a variety of head sizes.
  • Measurements: Front and Crown: 10½”, Sides and Back: 8”, Nape: 5”, designed to create a balanced and modern silhouette.
  • Featured Colors: GL613-88SS SS Champagne Blonde and GL14-16 Honey Toast, among others, offering stylish options for every preference.

"Soft & Subtle" by Gabor is not just a hairstyle but a fashion statement, perfect for those looking to add a touch of sophistication and casual elegance to their daily look.

Colors: Gabor Color Guide