TressTech Boxed Set by TressAllure

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What is it?

TressTech Boxed Set includes a full-size:

  1. Wig Wax
  2. Dry Spray Shampoo
  3. Dry Spray Leave in Conditioner

Who is it for?

  • Any wig or extension wearer that wants to revitalize the curl or smooth texture of any wig in between washings. Works on all synthetics and human hair.

What’s So Special About It? 

  • TressTech’s Dry Spray Dual Conditioner is invisible, lightweight, and does not feel oily or greasy like other leave-in conditioners.

How do I use it?

  • Give your wig a good shake or blow dry your wig to wake it up and add life to it
  • Shake Wig Wax well
  • Spray liberally on dry hair at the roots and throughout the wig and use your fingers to define your style
  • Blow dry for maximum volume results or allow to dry naturally 
  • For a smooth hair finish brush Dry Hair using a round or paddle brush


-How is this different from other wig conditioners?

  • TressTech’s Dry Spray Dual Conditioner distributes a light spray evenly throughout your wig and extension with our precision-directed aerosol, dries instantly, and reduces frizz. 

-Will it make my wig feel oily or greasy like other leaves in conditioners? 

  • No, TressTech’s Dry Spray Dual Conditioner is not oil based. It contains glycerin that helps to restore and detangle dried fibers and human hair.

-How often can I apply TressTech’s Dry Spray Dual Conditioner?

  • TressTech’s Dry Spray Dual Conditioner is so light and brushes out so easily, you can use it as often as you like to protect and style your wig and extension 

-Should I Use TressTech’s Dry Spray Dual Conditioner While My Wig Is Wet Or Dry?

  • TressTech’s Dry Spray Dual Conditioner can be applied to a wig just after washing to help reduce tangles before allowing your wig to dry. Once dry we recommend lightly spraying your wig before adding your favorite styling products like TressTech’s Dry Spray Wig Wax. and throughout the day. 

-Can I use other styling products with TressTech Dry Shampoo?

  • Yes, we recommend you condition your hair with TressTech’s Dry Spray Conditioner after you use your TressTech Dry Shampoo. And finish your styling with TressTech Wig Wax for added texture and hold.

-How Do I use TressTech Dry Shampoo?

  1. Hold can 8-10 Inches from hair and spray the roots and throughout your wig or extension.

  2. Allow just moments to dry before adding your TressTechTM styling products.

Tress-Tech® Wig Wax Spray: The Ultimate Styling Solution for Wigs

Elevate Your Wig Game with Tress-Tech®

Introducing the first aerosol dry spray wax designed exclusively for wigs. With 4.3 oz of lightweight, non-sticky formula, achieve natural definition, flexible hold, and a dimensional finish.

Key Features:

  1. Lightweight Formula: Add definition without weighing your wig down.
  2. Ultra-Fine Mist: Precision directional spray for even application.
  3. Pliable Texture: Shape your perfect style effortlessly.
  4. Flexible Hold: Achieve dimensional texture without the sticky feel.

How to Use:

  1. Wake Up Your Wig: Shake or blow-dry your wig to add life.
  2. Prep the Product: Shake Wig Wax well before use.
  3. Style and Spray: Apply liberally to dry hair, focusing on roots and throughout the wig.
  4. Define Your Look: Use your fingers to shape your style.
  5. Finish: Either let dry naturally or blow-dry for maximum volume. For a sleek finish, use a round or paddle brush.