TressTech from TressAllure Super Bundle | Shape, Revitalize, Style & Hold

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TressTech™: Revolutionize Your Wig and Extension Styling with the TressTech Super Bundle – Only $99!

Elevate your wig styling with the TressTech Super Bundle by TressAllure, specially designed to shape, revitalize, style, and hold both synthetic and human hair wigs. Enjoy the versatility of our Cool Flow Styling Iron that instantly curls and straightens without the hassle of hot fibers, making it safe and easy to use.

Protect and revitalize your hair with our innovative 4.3 oz Dry Dual Leave-In Conditioner, offering thermal protection that keeps your wig looking fresh and vibrant. The bundle also includes a 1.9 oz travel-sized Wig Wax, the first aerosol dry spray wax made specifically for wigs. This unique formula provides pliable definition and flexible hold, achieving a dimensional finish without adding weight or stickiness.


  • TressTech Cool Flow Styling Iron: Effortlessly curl or straighten with no heat damage to fibers.
  • Dry Dual Leave-In Conditioner (4.3 oz): Shields and rejuvenates with each use.
  • Travel-Sized Wig Wax (1.9 oz): Perfect for on-the-go styling, offering flexible hold and texture without residue.

Step up your hair game with the TressTech Super Bundle, the ultimate solution for convenient and effective wig care and styling. Grab yours today for just $99.00 and redefine your style! No returns of exchanges on special bundle.