The Reality of Wig Inventory


You've found the perfect wig—the style you've been dreaming of, the color that complements your skin tone, and the brand you trust. You click the "Buy Now" button, only to discover that it's out of stock. You might think, "I'll just go to another retailer." But before you do, let us explain why if a wig is out of stock on our website, it's likely out of stock everywhere else too.

The Single Source Reality

The wig industry primarily relies on a few major manufacturers that supply products to all retailers, both online and physical. When these manufacturers run out of stock, it means that all of their retail partners are also out of stock. The only exception to this rule is clearance or overstock items, which we'll touch on later.

Real-Time Inventory Lookups

At MyHairMail, our customer service is available seven days a week, most hours, with real-time inventory lookups. This ensures that what you see on our website is the most accurate representation of what is currently available. If a wig is listed as out of stock, it's not a tactic to encourage you to buy something else; it's because the item is genuinely not available at that time.

The Exception: Clearance and Overstock Items

Clearance and overstock items are generally styles that have been returned or we have over-stocked a style of wigs from the manufacturer locally. These items are often sold at a reduced price and are stored in local inventory. These are the only instances where you might find a wig available on one retailer's site but not another.

Why Does This Happen?

Manufacturers may run out of stock for several reasons:

  • Seasonal demand
  • Manufacturing delays
  • Shipping delays
  • Popular styles selling out quickly


So, the next time you find that the wig you've had your eye on is out of stock, remember that it's likely the same situation wherever you look. The good news is, manufacturers regularly restock their popular styles, and we do our best to keep our customers informed about when their favorite products will be back in stock.

By understanding how the inventory system works in the wig industry, you can better plan your purchases and manage your expectations. Sign up for our newsletter or join our private Facebook group to stay up-to-date on restocks, new arrivals, and more. Thank you for choosing MyHairMail for your wig needs. We appreciate your business and are here to help you every step of the way.

December 17, 2023 — MyHairMail Team