The Necessity of a Restocking Fee

We understand that the idea of a restocking fee can be a point of contention for customers. However, it's important to recognize that this fee is not a penalty. Rather, it's a crucial part of maintaining our ability to offer you a wide range of high-quality wigs at competitive prices. Read on to find out why we consider this fee necessary.

Returns Don't Go Back to the Manufacturer

In many industries, returned goods can be sent back to the manufacturer, repackaged, and resold. However, that's not the case with wigs. Any returned items that are not defects are sold as clearance items at 40-50% Off, allowing us to recover only a fraction of the original cost.

Limit of Returns to Prevent Losses

We limit the number of returns to no more than two per customer every 90 days. This policy is essential to prevent potential losses and discourage 'wardrobing'—the practice of buying items to try them out and then returning them. Wigs are personal items, and they should be chosen carefully.

Once Opened, Items Can't Be Sold as New

The moment a wig box is opened and the wig is tried on, it loses its 'new' status. Even if it's returned in what appears to be new condition, we must go through extensive steps to inspect the wig components and to repackage the item. Each of these steps incurs costs that the restocking fee helps to offset.


The restocking fee is a necessary measure to continue offering you an expansive, high-quality selection at the best prices. We appreciate your understanding and are always here to assist you in finding the perfect wig—one you'll never want to return.

December 17, 2023 — MyHairMail Team